A Hide of Alconbury Cumweston

Historical notes about a Hide of Alconbury Cumweston, Huntingdonshire, England, UK


In 1086 one hide in WESTON, now Alconbury Weston, was held by Gulbert of Eustace, the Sheriff. Like Southoe (q.v.), the caput of Eustace's fee in Huntingdonshire, this hide passed to the Lovetots, who continued to be overlords. Eustace the Sheriff granted this land to Huntingdon Priory at its foundation, and Henry III confirmed in 1243. The priory purchased other tenements here.

After the Dissolution, the lands of the priory were granted as a 'lordship and manor' to John Smith and Richard Duffield in fee. (fn. 114) They have not been traced further, and seem to have merged in the chief manor.

The greater part of the manorial history of Alconbury Weston is recorded along with the History of Alconbury, where you will find more information about the associated Manors.

Victoria County History - Huntingdonshire Published in 1932